School Values

The school has 5 values, decided upon in consultation with various stakeholders during a review process in 2015. These values underpin both student learning and engagement.
They are;

Creativity – Auahatanga

The act of using original and imaginative ideas to create something, approach something differently or solve a problem- ‘thinking outside of the box’.

Excellence – Eke Kairangi

The quality of being truly the best at something!


A ‘sense of pride’ that is developed through your positive relationships and actions with others.

Commitment – Manawa rahi

The quality of being dedicated to something – a task, a team, a goal…

Resilience – Manawaroa

The ability to cope or recover from difficult situations.

At the core of these values are ‘whanaungatanga’ and ‘tūranga waewae’. We believe strongly that the foundation of our identity comes from who we come from. We acknowledge that every child brings with them, first and foremost, their own ‘identity’ to be treasured and nurtured for their own well-being.
We see ‘whanaungatanga’ as a sense of family connection – a basis for working together which provides people with a sense of belonging. We want our students to be proud of their school and feel a real sense of belonging.