Monrad Intermediate has a proud tradition dating back to our opening in 1963. We are a leader in intermediate education catering for young adolescents in their 7th and 8th year of schooling. We are proud to celebrate our successes in all areas – academic, sporting and cultural knowing that such successes come from natural talent, hard work and commitment to achieve at the highest level. Our expectation is that all pupils bring with them a desire to learn, to participate, to compete and to work ‘to ones’ potential.

– A robust curriculum
– Classes for Children With Special Abilities (CWSA)
– 4 Maori bilingual classes, level 2, class sizes 1:18
– Extensive sporting and cultural opportunities
– A Mega Learning Centre for children needing extra help with Reading, Maths and English
– Specialist teachers in Music, Science and Technology
– Exciting Education Outside the Classroom programmes
– Second language teaching

Instead of ‘school rules’, Monrad operates four simple, easy to remember, protocols:

– Treat all people with respect
– Respect the rights of all people
– Respect all property
– Do the Right Thing

Our expectation is that all students bring with them a desire to learn, to participate, to compete, and to work to their potential.