We encourage parents/caregivers/whānau involvement in the life of Monrad. We invite you to attend our Friday Assemblies, coach/manage sports teams, participate in BOT and attend School Productions and events. There are plenty of opportunities for you to be involved. Enjoy your child’s time at Monrad.

Parents may book in to see a Teacher at any convenient time but formal Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences take place twice each year.
Conferences are a fantastic opportunity to acknowledge student’s progress and set goals for further progress.

The Principal conducts a conference with every pupil during Term 2. Things that are discussed at the conference include pupil’s well being, results of school-wide testing, involvement in out of class activities and goals set for the remainder of the year.

One effective method of reporting to parents is by printed School Reports. These are prepared twice each year and coincide with Parent-Teacher-Pupil Conferences.

The School Newsletter is produced fortnightly. Parents receive this in hard-copy form via their child or in digital form via email. Our Newsletter is an important vehicle for information so please ensure you read it. Class Teachers produce a Class Newsletter each Term. This is a way for teachers to inform their class’ parents of specific information relating to their child and classroom. Visit the Newsletters page.

School App

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