The Music programme at Monrad Intermediate has a practical/ hands on focus in every lesson. Each class begins with a percussion based warm up activity, often using nothing but plastic buckets. These warm ups are  designed to get the group creating and reading music together.

We often then spend a few minutes at the Cool Wall where everyone has the opportunity to express thieir musical tastes and preferences and justify these in a fun, relaxed setting.

We then divide into groups and rotate through several practical Lessons covering:
– Ukeleles
– Guitars
– Glockenspiels
– Boomwhackers
– Keyboards
– Rock Band Instruments

The aim of these lesson is to give all students a taste of how to play a wide variety of instruments.

While half of the class works through practical lessons the other half will be given an IT based Music Project to work on such as creating a poster and  video viewer. They will also create some of their own music using some simple online tools.

Lessons end with a round up of the day’s learning and a short fun video to watch and discuss.