Monrad caters for a range of students – from those ‘Children with Academic Abilities’ to those who struggle with aspects of learning. Regular assessments are used to plan further steps in learning and reporting to parents occurs in a friendly, open manner. We are well resourced and often utilise expertise from our community and outside organisations. Staff receive regular Professional Development to ensure quality teaching and learning.

Monrad ‘punches above its weight’ in local and regional Intermediate School-age competitions. We offer an extensive range of sporting opportunities to students, allowing them to extend their interests as well as try new sports. It is important to identify and harness natural ability and to provide training and direction. Excellent coaches are a key to Monrad’s sporting success! Regular lunchtime Inter-Class competitions and Friday House Sport take place allowing for all students to take part. Visit the Sports page for further information.

Monrad students have opportunities to participate in a wide variety of Cultural and Arts activities. Tutors are drawn from school staff and parents, as well as experts in the community. Cultural and Arts activities are for both enjoyment and for competition.

Pupils apply to be accepted into Academies which run on one afternoon for the entire term. This year pupils have enjoyed being in:
– Sporting Academies: Netball, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Lawn Bowls
– Arts Academies: Dance, Art, Singing, Drama, Weaving, Cake Decorating, Wearable Arts
– Remedial Academies: Maths, Swimming

Students have a voice at Monrad Intermediate. Pupil Leaders for the following year are selected in Term 4 of Year 7. They make an application to the Principal to be selected as one of around 20 Pupil Leaders. They undertake a number of responsiblities in and out of school and represent the voice of their class regarding school-wide activities involving students.

Most students at Monrad are in Mainstream classes. These classes are mixed ability, mixed gender and, often, mixed Year level. In addition to the core subjects, Mainstream classes offer a wide variety of programmes and content.

Monrad Intermediate is a leader in Bilingual Education. We offer smaller class sizes, language teaching at multiple levels and a variety of cultural experiences. Kapa Haka is a vital part of life at Monrad. Our group, Ngā Iti Rearea, has represented Monrad at Regional level and National level and done us proud. Our Bilingual Unit, with its whānau approach, services a need for many in our school community. Entry to our Bilingual Unit is by application (available from our website and office).

Our Mega-Learning Centre caters for students who struggle with aspects of their learning. We experience impressive results by withdrawing students for specialised programmes of instruction. The Mega-Learning environment is non-threatening, programmes are individualised and the Unit is well resourced.

Monrad offers a fantastic range of Specialised Subjects for students to extend their interests and try new things. Students rotate through Specialist Subjects in half-class groupings on a timetabled basis. Subjects can vary and often include: Food Technology, ICT (Computers), Art, Music, Hard Materials, Science,