Students are expected to adhere to all Laws and Guidelines relating to transport (eg wear helmets, fluorescent vests, road rules etc.) Secure storage of bikes is available in our Bike Compound during school hours – locked at 9.00am and unlocked at 3.05pm. A bike lock is advisable. 

Skateboards and scooters are stored securely during school time and made available to the owner for use during breaks in the school day. All care is taken to provide secure accommodation for bikes, skateboards and scooters but the school takes no responsibility for these items.

Monrad Intermediate has successfully run a canteen for a number of years. During morning tea times, a variety of items are available for purchase from the Canteen. Students may bring money to school for purchasing these items but the school takes no responsibility for the security of this money.

It is a school expectation for all students to be set homework. This should be limited to approximately 30 minutes daily, although some students may have class work to complete or voluntarily wish to continue for longer.

Students are advised against bringing valuable items to school. However, we realise that some items (cellphones, portable audio devices etc.) may be brought to school by students. Each class has a locked cupboard where these items are to be stored during school hours.

Monrad Intermediate takes no responsibility for items not handed to classroom teachers and locked up.

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