Monrad Intermediate’s School Uniform is modern, good looking and durable. It provides students with a sense of belonging and is something to wear with pride. All students are expected to arrive at, and leave from, school in their uniform. The unisex uniform items are clearly named. The school takes no responsibility for uniform items. If items are lost, we have a Lost Property Box where they may end up.


Summer Shirt (straight)   Summer Shirt (shaped)    
Shorts (unisex) Long Pants (unisex) Skirt   
Polar Fleece (vest)  PE Uniform (unisex)
Black Shoes  Black Roman Sandals Sports Shoes 

Students may choose to wear black leather shoes, black sports shoes or roman sandals throughout the year. PE shoes are required for physical activities.  For safety reasons, covered footwear is required in some Specialist classrooms. Our uniform is available through Academy Apparel, 306 Broadway Avenue, Palmerston North, phone (06) 354 0979 or visit For current prices please contact Academy Apparel directly.

A school set of 30 “Number Ones” Uniforms has been purchased for students to wear when representing the school on formal occasions and when hosting visitors to Monrad.

This is an opportunity for new students to purchase used uniforms and for ex-students to sell their used uniform. Prices are negotiated between the buyer and seller. The Used Uniform Sale usually takes place during the week before the start of each School Year. Contact the School Office for details or visit our website calendar.

Students are advised against wearing any kind of jewellery, other than a wrist watch. Ear studs may be worn, at the wearer’s risk. No body piercing is accepted. Taonga may be worn against the skin, under clothing, by bringing a note to the Deputy Principal.