Year Seven:

The Science lab offers all year seven students the opportunity to experience hands on chemistry. The focus is using the eight steps of the scientific method. Students will learn how to form a hypothesis, use the correct equipment, beakers, test tubes, filters, burners etc. Students will learn to record observations carefully and accurately. From their results they form accurate discussions and conclusions.


Year Eight:

Year eight students major focus is electronics. They test simple circuits both series and parallel and discuss the purposes of each. Students also test everyday objects to determine whether they are conductors or insulators. Finally the students construct a battery powered quiz board therefore learning how to assemble a circuit and solder it together.

Ninety percent plus of the content is practical.

Students will also learn the importance of science in our lives and the opportunities available for a future career involving science. All students learn about New Zealand’s weather and by the end of the unit can make forecast predictions based on satellite and synoptic data.

Jeff Gardner   (Science teacher)